Pontoon Boats - Luxury Party Centers

These are one of the most popular boat models on the market, especially for first time boat owners. The innovative designs, features, safety, variety of makes and models, and inexpensive prices are a few of the reasons for their popularity.

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Designed for Comfort and Convenience

The fact that they float on two or more pontoons give these boats their distinctive name.

With the option of one, or two, spacious deck platforms pontoon boats can fit between 8-17 passengers comfortably and are often furnished with plush couches, seats, and swivel chairs.

Despite their cumbersome appearance, pontoon boats offer surprising car-like maneuverability that makes them easy for new boaters to handle.

The open style of the boat decks make them perfect for party and social events, recreational boating, fishing, tube towing, sunbathing, water skiing, and other water sports.

Because they are made of fiberglass, aluminum, and miscellaneous composite materials, pontoon boats are lightweight, making them fast moving when they are fitted with a large engine.

Boating Safety

Railing around the decks of pontoon boats make them safe for even small children, making them the perfect option for families looking for the perfect recreation vehicles.

The shallow drafts on pontoon boats limit the damage incurred to wildlife, collisions with submerged objects, and permit them to cruise in even shallow areas without danger of running aground.

Available Makes and Models

There are countless boating manufacturers, each of which are constantly evolving their brands and models, which adds to the comfort and appeal that they hold for prospective buyers. Here are some of the most popular new and used makes and models:

The 25 foot-long Family Entertainer by Aqua Patio features a deluxe entertainment center that can include an entertainment center with an ice chest, bar stools, drink holders, canopy, an AM/FM stereo with CD player, boarding ladder, and hydraulic steering. Weighing in at around 2,560 pounds, this pontoon boat has the capacity for up to 17 passengers. A 155 horsepower engine is the type most often included in this model along with a 24-gallon gas tank.

Manitou’s pontoon boat is the 24 Legacy, often has a deck boat design with well padded seating, a spacious deck, entertainment system, cocktail table, and marine carpeting. Measuring 24 feet and weighing 2,175 pounds, the 24 Legacy is rated for an engine up to 130 horsepower.

Designed especially for fishing, the Fish ‘n Cruise by Parti Kraft is a Sport Cruiser styled pontoon boat is perfect for families that like to have fun and fish together. A built in waist container, sundeck lounge, cooler, convertible canopy, and optional seating arrangements are all included as standard options.

The Commander is also Parti Kraft boat. Rated to handle up to 60 horsepower engines and 1,810 pounds, it is the perfect boat for anglers. It has an 8’ wide deck and includes most standard amenities.

Inexpensive Prices

These boats are less expensive to insure than other boat models and offer the best value when comparing passenger capacity to price – another reason they are among the most popular style boat.

Pontoon boats tend to have motors that range from 50-200 horsepower engines. Those that have a lower range horsepower engines cruise at lower speeds and require less fuel – making them high on fuel economy and lower on overall cost. Higher horsepower engines cruise at faster speeds, making them better for skiing and other sports activities, but more expensive.

The varying sizes of pontoon boats require that they be handled differently. Most sizes can be transported on a trailer, but larger sized boats need to be kept at a marina, lake, river, or other large bodies of water. When these boats are handled in these ways they are readily accessible for the next family outing or recreation event.

Boat Parts

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