Patio Boats

These versatile flat bottomed boats are a type of pontoon deck boat that has a wide deck that can carry between 8-14 passengers. That capacity makes them great for all sorts of water activities, including fishing, skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, or a relaxing day trip hanging out with friends and family. That’s why it’s known as the party boat and is one of the most popular boat purchases made by prospective new boat owners.

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Design, Functionality, and Features

Like most deck boats, patio boats are held afloat by two, or more, pontoons that are run under the deck and elevate the main body of the boat above the water level. Although the pontoons give it an appearance of counter-aerodynamic design, the fact that it lifts them above the water level actually allows the patio boat to cruise at surprisingly fast speeds.

The open deck design of patio boats, that can range from around 18-24 feet, make them the perfect mobile recreation center. Patio boats are particularly suitable for parties, get-togethers, barbeques and other types of leisure activities. Children and teens particularly enjoy the option of active pastimes like swimming, water skiing, and other sports, while adults tend to gravitate more toward dancing, talking, and other more social diversions.

Patio boats usually come with railing around the deck that makes them safe for small children to play without fear of for their safety and keeps chairs and other furniture from shifting around with the movement of the boat as it cruises along. That leaves everyone free to enjoy themselves with relative freedom and worry.

Many types of patio boats have a lightweight body made of fiberglass, aluminum, and other composite materials that when coupled with a powerful engine allows the boat to reach speeds up to 50 mph depending on the size of the patio boat and its engine.

Patio Boats generally have one or two decks, both of which provide a roof that provides shade from the sun and protection from the rain should it decide to shower during any recreational activity, and the ones that have a second story provide more space for more people.

Speed and Motors

The speed a patio boat can reach depends on the type of motor that propels it. There are three main types of engines:

Outboard motors are internal-combustion engines that have an attached propeller, are hung from the back of smaller sized boats, and are the most common means of boat propulsion system used on marine crafts today. They are used on very small patio boats and propel it at a slow cruising speed.

For larger patio boats higher available horsepower of sterndrive engines are generally a better option. These motors are mounted onto the boats above the waterline and have the advantage of being highly customizable and easy to adapt to user needs and preferences.

For the ultimate in propulsion power, internal combustion duct engines jet engines are the way to go for boat users and owners. Since they use a water stream propulsion system, instead of the gears and propellers that outboard and sterndrive motors use, they can provide the fastest cruising speeds. Although they are faster at full speed, they are less effective than the other motors while cruising at slower speeds.

Because of the way they are constructed, patio boats offer features and versatility that make them ideal for families looking for a bit of weekend boating fun that is safe for young children, as-well-as size that is perfect for groups that want a mobile aquatic recreation center where they can have fun and party at the same time.

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