Boat Covers

A boat is a large investment! While it is designed to be resistant to water, weather, and sunlight, these elements will in time fade, dry out, and crack vinyl seats, paint, carpeting, and wood trim. A quality boat cover will protext your valuable investment and ensure that it is clean and ready to use.

Choosing a boat Cover

Not all boat covers are made the same. Thicker, higher quality boat covers not only last longer but protect your boat from falling object by providing additional padding. Thinner boat covers are easily ripped by small falling branches, animals and even the neighbor kids baseball. Spending the extra money for a quality cover will keep you from having to buy a new cover frequently and will do more to protect your boat.

eBay Boat Covers

When installing a boat cover be sure that it is fitted tightly to the boat so that rain water will flow off the boat and cover and not pool in the middle. At about 7lbs per gallon rain water can quickly build up not only damaging the boat cover but also possible crushing and damaging things withing the boat. It's not a bad idea to take out the garden hose the first time you put the cover on and spray water on the boat and cover to ensure that the water is flowing off as expected. At times it may be needed to raise the trailer tongue to ensure proper runoff.

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