Bilge Pumps for Sale

A bilge pump helps to protect your boat from damage caused by water seeping into your boat and colecting in the bilge. Bilge pumps are specially designed not to cause sparks while in operation due to the strong possibility of gas or gas fumes being present in the bilge.

Bilge pumps are usually installed at the lowest point in the bilge and often incorporate floats in the design so that the pump will automatically turn on when water is present.

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Bilge pump Maintenance

Bilge pumps should be periodically inspected to besure that they are free of debri and clogs and are working properly. This is expecially true of boats that are moored for long periods of time. Boats that are removed from the water after each use should also have the bilge plug removed each time with the tongue of the trailer raised to remove water from the bilge and allow the boat to dry out properly.