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NorCalCars is a great place to place to look for your next boat. The selection of boats we offer from select dealers in Northern California, often include patio boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, personal water crafts, bass boats, ski boats, aluminum boats, power boats, and sail boats. This selection of used and bank repo boats is constantly changing so stop by often.

In order to help you find the boat that best fits your recreational needs and preferences, here are a few general descriptions of the most popular types of boats on the market, along with links to further reference material on each type, just to get you oriented:

Patio Boats

Patio boats, which are also known as deck boats, and party barges have a wide deck that can carry anywhere from 8 to 12 passengers. Since they are powerful, they are excellent boats for wakeboarding, skiing, tubing, and other water sports.

Pontoon Boats

With large decks, similar to Patio Deck boats, that have side rails and gates, Pontoon Boats boats provide these boats offer plenty of room for larger groups, and safe areas for young boaters and children. These two features make them a very practical and family friendly option.

Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats come in varying in sizes and types, that range from eight foot long aluminum jon boats to sixty foot long deep sea boats, and from the type of material they are made from, this group of boats are among the most popular and best all purpose boats offered on the market.

Personal Water Crafts

These small crafts are water’s motorcycles. Boasting quick acceleration, maneuverability, and buoyancy, they are generally capable of carrying one or two people, and can easily be righted should they get flipped over.

Bass Boats

Designed specifically to fish for bass, these boats normally feature bait and fish wells and compartments for storing rods and gear, and are made from fiberglass or aluminum.

Ski Boats

Due to its speed and design, the most common sports uses for them are skiing and wakeboarding, since they often include adjustable options like wave shaping devices and ballast systems to make larger waves for tricks.

Aluminum Boats

The lighter weight and improvements in construction of aluminum boats have made them the most sought after and easy to maintain options among flat bottom boats, V bottom boats, and aluminum canoes.

Speed Boats

These sports cars of the boat world have powerful engines and are very lightweight, allowing them to reach speeds around 50mph.


With thousands of years of history behind it, this is one of the oldest categories of boats with the largest sub-selection. Choosing the right boat for you involves considering each type of sail boat and what it specifically has to offer.

In addition to the great options and features available on these boats, are the affordable low dealer prices on them. The design of our user-friendly site makes it quick and easy to find just the right boat at just the right price!

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